9th birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY

It’s been 9 years since QPSYCHOLOGY has been operating on the market. In the last year, apart from activities in the field of psychological assistance and psychotherapy, we trained Polish and Ukrainian scientists in topics such as self-presentation and public speaking, self-motivation for scientific work and tools for conducting virtual classes. We’ll face new challenges related to the area of mental well-being at work soon. We encourage you to use our services!

Cooperation with MINDO

For almost a year and a half, our founder, Dr. Agnieszka Bożek, has been cooperating with MINDO, which has created a web platform for the development of soft skills of employees in organizations and for building and measuring their engagement. The report on the study "Competences of Organizations and Employees 2022", which she had the opportunity to co-create, has just been published. We encourage you to download the report free of charge from the website:



QPSYCHOLOGY is the result of fascination
with man as a person with his/her needs,
desires, personality complexity.
Curiosity was aroused by the motives of human actions, not
quite conscious, and unlimited development potential of each person.
There was a desire to support people in their struggle with the
problems and challenges of everyday life and to assist them so that
they can fullfill their potential and to experience happiness.
Years devoted to studying the mysteries of the human soul
and mind and working with people in different contexts: clinical,
organizational, educational or related to everyday life,
led to a partial discovery and understanding of who and what man is.
They also stenghtened the beliefnthat there are no limits
of learning the human psyche.



We individually approach to each client – we verify his/her needs
and we adjust, the appropriate methods and tools to them.

We are characterized by the complexity of services – both individual
(individuals, parents) and organized customers (project teams,
organizations) can take advantage of several types of services
that contribute to their personal and / or professional
development in one place.

We offer services based on both proven methods and the latest
discoveries in the field of psychology, which can be used for
practical activities and methods known and proven in Western countries,
but in Poland still used rarely or never.

We focus on self-improvement and continuous development – both our
customers’ and ourselves.

We put emphasis on discretion and observation of ethical principles in every
area of ​​business.

QPSYCHOLOGY name derives from the English language and refers to the use of
psychology achievements as a science, in practice, in the important areas of human
activity. The prefix 'Q' comes from a few words, including:

I’m psychologist – with this professional role I identify
the most. I work as a psychologist – psychotherapist,
intra- and interpersonal skills trainer, coach
and consultant in organizations.

I graduated from:
Applied psychology at the Jagiellonian University
PhD studies in psychology at the Jagiellonian University
School of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at Cracow
Psychodynamic Center
Advanced Trainer Trainings at Psychological Laboratory
MERITUM Coaching School
and many training & courses in the field of self-
development, coaching and people management.

I gained professional experience during internships in
training companies, stationary and day psychiatric wards and
during voluntary work as a psychologist in the Sociotherapy
Day Centre and Mental Health Outpatient Clinic. I worked a
full-time administrative and specialized positions (Human
Resources Specialist, Administration Specialist, logistics of
trainings and the ESF, Psychologist – Coach).
Since March 2013 I work independently.

I consult patients in private psychological – psychotherapy
practice where I give psychological consultation and
individual psychotherapy for adults in accordance with
psychodynamic approach.

As a trainer I prepare and organize workshops and
training courses in personal and social skills for
students and professionals. My two flagship topics
are: motivating oneself and others to take action and
dealing with stress and preventing burnout syndrome.
I also run integration workshops, regarding interpersonal
communication, assertiveness, creativity and effective
methods of learning.

I also work as a coach, supporting individual clients
and company employees in their development. One of my
specialty is parent coaching. I run individual sessions
for parents. I was a co-founder, coordinator and co-lecturer
of classesin Poland’s first School of Parent Coaches. For
many years I worked with the Children’s’ University Foundation,
preparing scenarios and co-hosting psychological workshops
for children and lectures and workshops for parents.

For several years I have been active in the field of science
within the Institute of Psychology of the Jagiellonian
University and interdisciplinary research teams.
As an academic I conduct research in the field of positive
psychology (mainly organizational). I’m particularly
interested in the issues of work motivation and employee

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