Competency assessment

The aim of the assessment is to determine the actual level of the employee’s knowledge and professional skills needed to work in a certain job position. The results are an important clue to the people running a particular organization needed for conducting effective recruitment and selection, employee evaluations, career paths, determination of remuneration, motivation policies and planning training courses.

The process of verifying the employees’ competences is carried out in several stages. First, we create an employee’s competence model, i.e. a set of different factors (knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics) that enable the person to properly implement tasks typical for a given job position and to achieve the expected results. This model is individually tailored to the specifics of the organization and created on the basis of a workshop with members of representative groups of employees, job descriptions and interviews with people representing the company's management. After selecting the key competences for a particular job position / group of job positions, each of them is defined and indicators, i.e. descriptions of desired behaviours which prove the possession of specific competences, are distinguished.

In the next step a scale is prepared, according to which the intensification of the competence in the tested employee will be judged. The desired level of occurrence of specific competences is determined for a given position. 

In the next step we conduct a detailed behavioural interview based on competenceswith each employee, on the basis of which the level of his/her actual competence is assessed. The results are transferred to the competence grid characteristic for the tested management level in order to compare them with the desired level. 

Each participant receives a written research report on the results obtained and their position with respect to the general results together with development guidelines. Moreover, the management of the company receives a report on the results of all employees together with proposals for corrective actions, if such are necessary.


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