Welcome to the new stage of the Positive Organizational Psychology blog. After almost two years’ pause, caused by intensive education as well as didactic, aid and developmental work, I return with a blog about people’s resources, positive relationships and other phenomena that take place in organizations, which can contribute to the well-being of employees, the development of individual people and employing them institutions & companies. Minimum once a month I will publish information about the latest discoveries in the field of positive psychology and management sciences, which translate into the practice of managing people for the mutual benefits of employees and organizations. Some of the topics that I touched in previous years will be developed, such as:
  • development in organization
  • emotional intelligence at work
I will also write about currently the hottest topics in occupational health psychology, including:
  • job resources-demands
  • employee engagement
If I find out about valuable publications or interesting events (conferences, workshops) covering thematically with my blog, I will inform you about it immediately. I hope that my blog will inspire you to make positive changes in your organizations 🙂   Graphic credit: Gerry Louisett



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