Work for meEven if your recruitment ad will be perfect it still may happened that nobody will answer to it. This is the case of certain industries or positions, where specialists in the market are lacking. If you already struggle with a similar problem in your company, you should think about direct search. I won?t go into how to go about it, but I want to stop for a while at the moment, when you has found potential person who you would like to invite to work at your company.
How would you convince him or her to work for you? Would you offer him/ her high salary, premium and other bonuses or ?work in a young, dynamically developing team??

Well, if the person would be interested only in wages and bonuses you should really think about whether you want to hire such a person. Cause it is highly likely that if somebody else propose him/ her higher earnings, he or she will quickly leave your company. And if you repeat clichés like ?young, dynamic team? you hardly will interest anybody.

So what could you say? First of all, be honest. If you will make idle promises, as soon as the person figures it out, he/ she would not only leave you, but also can make you a bad reputation in the environment. In your place I would think about what makes other people want to work for you (if you are not sure, don?t hesitate to ask them). Next, be prepared to the conversation. The person should be convinced that you are familiar with the kind of work in your company and you are sure of what you say. Then, be as concrete as possible, unless you want to make the person stop listening to you. Finally, be courteous, but not officious – job interview is the first step to build a professional relationship based on mutual respect.
And if in any way you can?t convince a person to work for you? Well, maybe one day he/ she will call you asking for vacancy in your company?

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