You may ask: why do I have to bother my head some psychology? To run a business I need knowledge, experience and specialist skills in my industry; it is also useful to know about finance, marketing and firm management. You’re right. But you forgot one important thing: every company, even the smallest, is made ??up of people. People – with their needs, feelings, personality traits, values, abilities, with a natural tendency to act according to their own will. If you want to create something and create it together with others, you should take an interest in psychology, especially of its organizational domain. Okay, but why exactly positive? After all, running a business causes constant problems: employees are inefficient and disloyal, customers – very demanding, suppliers – unreliable. The competition is huge, and I’m missing a day to comprehend it all. I don?t have time and strength to trouble my head whether others feel joy or other positive emotions at work. Well, let me explain. The idea of ??positive psychology was founded in opposition to that which dealt with the psychology of science for decades, namely mental illness and pathology. Several psychologists said that in order to get to know the man you can not only focus on the „what does not work”, but you also need research on what is good in man, what him/her develops and leads to growth. PP is not synonymous with positive thinking, like „I believe that everything will work out, so it happens.” On the contrary, PP doesn?t deny the existence of problems and disorders, nor the need to test them. It?s value is to complement and extend the problem-focused psychology and to show a new, valuable look at the man and his/her surroundings. Research within the PP has indicated that focusing on the strengths of the man allows not only to improve his/her well-being, but also the efficiency of work. What does this mean for your organization, I will try to introduce in subsequent entries. If my explanation of the PP is not enough for you, I recommend you watch the cartoon

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