If you already know who would you like to employ, now it?s time to answer another questions: where should I search for such person? and how could I find him or her. If you search somebody for senior specialist or managerial position, you can first carry out an internal recruitment. Perhaps among existing employees is someone who is qualified, high potential, eager to learn new things and is well liked by colleagues? There are many advantage of such a solution: the person already employed is familiar with the company, its specificity and the people there; has already taken part in some necessary training ? so you can save time and money on recruitment. Moreover, by appreciating such person through the promotion you can positively affect his or her commitment, loyalty and overall satisfaction with the work. However, if for various reasons such internal process is not feasible, the only thing is to search outside the organization. To do this, you can hire a Recruitment Specialist (if you don?t have such a person in your company), or use the services of a recruitment agency. However, these are quite expensive solutions, which you not necessarily could afford at the moment. So, assuming that you yourself are responsible for the recruitment process, what can you do? One possibility is to write a recruitment ad and place it in trade services or press. I don?t want you to teach how to write this type of ad, I just want to draw your attention to some important issues. So look at the standard recruitment ad in a popular internet service:
IT Sales Professional
XYZ Company is engaged in mobile and server software development for multinational companies, creates also its own applications (iOS, Android).We are looking for applicants for the position:

IT Sales Professional Workplace: Krakow

The range of tasks: – Active acquisition of new customers and their ongoing support; – Selection of solutions for clients, counseling and care; – Preparation of tenders, their presentation and negotiation of terms and conditions.

We offer: – The necessary tools, – A friendly working atmosphere, – The opportunity to gain a unique experience, – Valuable contacts, – High salary (base + commission) – Stable position under the specific-task contract.

Requirements: – Very good knowledge of English in speech and writing, – Experience in sales, – A welcome advantage will be knowledge of mobile technology and the IT market.

CV and cover letter should be sent to info@xyz.com

Does it tell anything about who this company would like to employ? Not really. So generally worded announcement means that you receive hundreds of applications, most of which is inadequate; it also decreases the likelihood that those, who you are really looking for, will apply. And what about such ad:
IT Analyst
We are people of ZYX. We invent, design, develop and implement our own software that helps companies around the world manage production. We are specialists in Java, PostgreSQL and other high-performance enterprise-class solutions.

We will offer you: – the ability to decide on the shape of the real product and business development; – work from any location where there is Internet – either remotely or at our office in Krakow; – endless challenges and the possibility of making mistakes but just to learn from them and invent new ideas; – work in a young team of people with extensive experience.

Apply if you: – can well analyze customer needs and offer him/her useful ideas, – have considerable experience in working with business solutions (eg ERP and production systems), – have a working knowledge of the design functionality (mockupy, UML), – find yourself working with developers and customers, – know what SCRUM is and have used it, – are open to learning and thirsty for knowledge and at the same time you can bring something from yourself, – want to work in a small group of specialists. – know English, – like / want / need to work remotely.

We are looking for uncommon people because that is our project; we are looking for passionate because only with those we work with; and we are looking for people who bring the case to the end.

If you find yourself to work with us send your CV to job@zyx.com

Why this is a proper ad? First, its informal style say a lot about the organizational culture. Second, it points out not only specific qualifications that the new employee should possess, but also his or her personal characteristics and preferences. In this way worded advertisement should discourage i. a. people set to work from 8 am to 4 pm in a big office over the designated tasks and according to established procedures. And how would your recruitment ad look like? PS Both above given advertisements are real ads, slightly modified for the purpose of this text.

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