Tips_HintsThe last time I quoted five actions, which managers should take up so that their teams work efficiently and run their projects successfully. On this basis I want to present some practical tips for those, who manage teams:
  • Provide your teams with work on inspiring and complex task which will require the use and integration of skills and strengths of all its members.
  • Allow your teams a great deal of autonomy in deciding how to achieve individual goals. Provide them with accurate information feedback on how to cope with the task.
  • Provide diversity in a team, give it sufficient time to form and supports the creation of good relations and the integration of diverse perspectives.
  • Strengthen and reward positive group attitude for diversity between the team members and make them want to examine these differences and enjoy it.
  • Organize frequent team meetings to facilitate the operation of open discussion about individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Remember that the roles of individual members were discussed and appropriately varied so as to ensure individual development and to enable the achievement of common goals.
  • In case of disagreement intervene quickly, so that the conflict won?t root in the team.
  • Provide regular, informal team meetings taking place in a positive atmosphere to encourage its members to support and help each other.
  • Built teams of at least moderate stability of membership, allowing them to create lasting and close interpersonal relationships based on trust, commitment and consistency.
Yes, the positive teamwork can be considered both as a mechanism for the development of individual skills, talents and well-being in the workplace as well as to contribute to the financial growth of the organization.

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