The holiday season has begun. If you haven’t gone on holiday yet, you’re probably thinking about it intensively. In the atmosphere of general slackness, it is difficult to think about the development of professional competences. Especially if you have just completed a series of training, coaching or mentoring programs. That’s why today I will not describe another method of professional development, but I would like to encourage you to spent some time on your personal development.                              
Summer is a great moment to do something just for yourself, which will not only give you a momentary pleasure, but will bring joy and a sense of fulfillment for a longer time. I mean devoting to your passions or trying something new that you dreamed about a long time ago, but there has never been time, money or other resources to do so.
I myself, when I reached a certain age, decided to try at least one thing every year, which seems attractive to me. I started with the purchase of a points. Not to dance in them (it requires years of training), but to learn to stand on them without a support and to take steps. It gave me a lot of satisfaction. Then I pulled out the old sewing machine from the garage of my grandparents, gave it to renovation and signed up for the basic course of cut and sewing. Although now I could not sew anything more than a rectangular cover, the skirt made during the course still serves me well. When I was a teenager and in my early 20’s, I devoted the summer to developing foreign languages or learning new ones. This year I am also going to educate myself in this area and fulfill my next dream. What it is? I will write about it, when I managed it.
If you have planned your vacation for later months, the more I encourage you to refresh your memories of your old dreams and fascinations and to choose at least one thing that you could devote some time before or after work, which will be another important step in your self-development. If you are an employer, ask your people what new things they would like to learn, what to try. Maybe it would be possible to organize in your company a development workshop on some Thursday afternoon? Increase in employee engagement afterwards guaranteed 🙂

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