Businesswoman with Handheld DeviceNow when you know what matters while searching for a new employee its time you took action. To find the right person it is best to connect the recruitment process with an analysis of qualifications of existing people as well as determining the desired traits and skills of a newemployee. The first step should consist in the analysis of the competence of the already employed people. So take a piece of paper and answer the questions: With whom would you like to work with? (your personal point of view) Which competences are most desirable in your company? Which ones do not contribute to its development? (organizational point of view). Jennifer Kumar / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) After preparing such list take a look at the features brought out by the best employees and try to find their common features. It has been shown that, for example, very good sellers are characterized by a high level of empathy and are determined in pursuit of their goals. Don?t forget to ask the same questions people from the team, to which the new employee will belong. This is because its they, who best know the specifics of the given job and its they, who will spend with him or her the most time ? the new person should therefore fit to the team both in terms of competence and personal traits (the team point of view). Equipped with all this information, you can create a sample profile of a new employee. Remember, however, that this is only a description of the hypothetical person, not the real one – effective recruitment requires the openness to other person and what he or she represents.

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