• Teamwork – practical tips


    Tips_HintsThe last time I quoted five actions, which managers should take up so that their teams work efficiently and run their projects successfully.

    On this basis I want to present some practical tips for those, who manage teams:

    • Provide your teams with work on inspiring and complex task which will require the use and integration of skills and strengths of all its members.

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  • Positively about teamwork

    team work diverseRecently, I was fairly busy ? I was totally preoccupied with conducting workshops and trainings for various groups and teaching (Uni students). I hope that now I will be able to write more regularly.

    Since last I wrote about the positive communication in the company, this time I decided to bring about teamwork ? in a positive way of course.

    There is a common belief that the team knows more than a simple summing of people?s potentials that is building it. This phenomenon has been called synergy and relies on perfect matching of roles, i.e. people Czytaj dalej