• Cooperation with MINDO

    For almost a year and a half, our founder, Dr. Agnieszka Bożek, has been cooperating with MINDO, which has created a web platform for the development of soft skills of employees in organizations and for building and measuring their engagement. The report on the study “Competences of Organizations and Employees 2022”, which she had the opportunity to co-create, has just been published. We encourage you to download the report free of charge from the website: https://raportkompetencji.pl/

  • 8th birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY

    The QPSYCHOLOGY brand is 8 years old! The last year was a period of undertaking activities mainly in the field of psychological counselling and psychotherapy. In the coming months, we will continue to primarily support others in solving their personal and interpersonal problems and help them strive to improve the quality of their life. In the meantime, we’ll devote ourselves to (psycho)education and development of employees’ competences.
    We hope you will stay with us for longer 🙂

  • 7th birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY

    The QPSYCHOLOGY brand is already 7 years old! In connection with another anniversary of operating on the market, we have a birthday contest with prizes for you. The competition question is: How many stories from the psychological office have appeared so far on the funpage associated with QPSYCHOLOGY @dragnieszkabozek?
    The first two people who send the correct answers will be able to take part in a free psychological consultation or development coaching session (optional) with Dr. Agnieszka Bożek. The meeting will be held online at a predetermined time.
    Please send your answers to the following address: gabinet@qpsychology.pl by April 12th. The winners will be notified by e-mail on April 14 this year.
    Celebrate with us!

  • QPSYCHOLOGY during the COVID-19 epidemic

    Due to the need to limit direct interpersonal contacts, we have transferred a significant part of our activities online. Without leaving home, you can take advantage of psychological consultations as well as developmental and parent coaching. We also organize on request webinars and online trainings on the development of psychosocial competences and mental health.
    We wish all our Customers and Supporters a lot of health, peace of mind and serenity!

  • 6th birtday of QPSYCHOLOGY

    We invite you to celebrate the 6th birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY. In connection with our next anniversary of being active on the market, we have a birthday contest with prizes for you. The contest question is: What does the name QPSYCHOLOGY mean?
    The first two people who send the correct answer will be able to take part in a free psychological consultation or developmental coaching session, to choose. The session will take place online.
    Please send an answer to the following address: gabinet@qpsychology.pl by April 10th this year. Winners will be notified by email on April 14th this year.
    Thank you for being with us!

  • Changes in QPSYCHOLOGY

    With the New Year 2020, we have prepared several changes to our offer. First, we terminate our activities in the field of Family Potencial. Secondly, we are developing our services in the area of psychological help. Thirdly, we are preparing a completely new offer for companies. What exactly? About this will find out soon … We invite you to use our services 🙂

  • 5th birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY

    It has been 5 years since, as part of QPSYCHOLOGY, we help our clients in solving their intra- and interpersonal problems and we support them in personal and professional development. On the occasion of our 5th birthday we have prepared a surprise for you: 5 free coaching sessions (life coaching, career coaching or parent coaching) or psychological counselling – to choose from.

    To take advantage of our birthday action, just send a message to the following address: gabinet@qpsychology.pl with the subject: 5-birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY with information in which form of support you would like to take part. Czytaj dalej

  • Parent Coaching: Methods and Tools

    With the beginning of spring we invite you to the new edition of the training Parent Coaching : Practical Methods and Tools of Working with Parents.

    During the training, participants will have the opportunity to:
    – get to know the methods to identify and develop abilities in children
    – expand their knowledge and skills related to communication between parents and children,
    – get to know the methods of recognition of parental competence and designation of the area for their development,
    – practice conducting coaching session using techniques of Solution Czytaj dalej

  • Parent Coaching Course 2018/19

    Recently, we celebrated the fourth birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY, now we are announcing the organization of the fourth edition of the Parent Coaching Course.

    The new edition includes 90 hours of classess with professional parent coaches and dozens of hours of self-development. The aim of the course ist to gain and expand your knowledge of developmental, educational and family psychology, and to acquire coaching and expert skills necessary in working with parents, as well as to plan your own development path.

    Classes will be held in Cracow during weekends between October 2018 and February 2019.

    The course is designed for people who have moderate experience in working with parents. Classes are conducted with practical and activaiting methods. Participation in the course will allow you to gain and expand your competencies both parental and professional. Czytaj dalej

  • 4th birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY

    Not so long ago we have worked on the creation of the QPSYCHOLOGY brand, and now our company is celebrating its 4th birthday! On this occasion, we have taken action in four areas that aim to provide even more complete support in the development of our current and future customers:

    1. Thematic coaching processes addressed to parents – the first concerns support for the development of talents in children.
    2. Reactivation of the blog Positive Organizational Psychology – the first entry after the break soon!
    3. A great promotion for life-coaching and career coaching sessions – now it is our clients who decide what amount they want to spend on this goal*
    4. Changes on the qpsychology.pl/en website to increase its usability.

    Czytaj dalej