• Work motivation ? if not money, then?

    goals-graphicAs I wrote last time, when it comes to motivation at work, money is effective only in limited range of situations. Daniel Pink ? the author of the Drive – the surprising truth about what motivates us claims that the only way to make people work effectively in 21st Century is to give them autonomy, mastery and purpose. Wat does it mean and how to do that?

    Autonomy means having the freedom of choice and being the initiator of one?s own behavior. People need autonomy in what, when, with Czytaj dalej

  • Well-being at work

    what-is-HWB_04I didn?t realize that it took two and a half months since I last wrote something on the blog. It was an active time for me, during which I was a. o. expanding my knowledge and learning new skills. I will try to share with you what I learned.

    Today I would like to raise the subject of well-being and its relationship with work. As research shows, living a good and happy life is very important for many people, especially young*. Owing to it, managers should be interested what to do, so that work in their teams contribute to such feeling.                                      Czytaj dalej

  • Positively about teamwork

    team work diverseRecently, I was fairly busy ? I was totally preoccupied with conducting workshops and trainings for various groups and teaching (Uni students). I hope that now I will be able to write more regularly.

    Since last I wrote about the positive communication in the company, this time I decided to bring about teamwork ? in a positive way of course.

    There is a common belief that the team knows more than a simple summing of people?s potentials that is building it. This phenomenon has been called synergy and relies on perfect matching of roles, i.e. people Czytaj dalej