• POP blog is back!

    Welcome to the new stage of the Positive Organizational Psychology blog. After almost two years’ pause, caused by intensive education as well as didactic, aid and developmental work, I return with a blog about people’s resources, positive relationships and other phenomena that take place in organizations, which can contribute to the well-being of employees, the development of individual people and employing them institutions & companies.

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  • European Conference on Positive Psychology

    In the Introduction I’ve promised to outline topics related to the application of PP in organizations. The best way to get to know what?s new in the field is to participate in symposia or conferences, where scientist and practitioners meet and share their work and experience. When considering PP, I shall recommend European Conference on Positive Psychology. The event takes place every second year and is more international than European, as participants come from all over the world. Two years ago in Moscow I spend intensive four days exploring topics such as Well-being at work, Workplace interventions, Happiness at work or Flow in everyday life. Czytaj dalej