• Increasing emotional intelligence at work

    Teamwork and team spiritRegardless of the type of employment and the industry in which you work, you need emotional intelligence to be satisfied from your job. High EQ at work is manifested by the fact that you deal with the performance of our duties smoothly and it gives you joy; moreover other people are pleased to work with you. In contrast, EQ deficiencies cause that execution of tasks becomes ‚hard work’ for both you and your colleagues. The same applies to recipients of your services. Czytaj dalej

  • Emotional Intelligence – what for?

    EQ_mind mapSit for a moment and focus on yourself. Are you able to tell exactly what emotional state you are in? Now look at the person who is close to you. Are you able to guess what emotions he or she is now experiencing? If not, you should work on increasing the level of your emotional intelligence. Why? Because managers with high rates of EQ better and faster sense the weaknesses of the company or the team, emerging conflicts, shortcomings or emerging opportunities, and thus they can appropriately quickly and effectively respond to them.            Czytaj dalej