• Positive communication

    positive communicationIn communication with employees it counts not only how often and by what channel you convey information to each other, but most of all how do you do that.

    In psychology the whole movement associated with positive communication was founded. It mainly focuses on interpersonal communication between partners or parents and children, but it can successfully be transferred into organizations. The word „positive” does not mean that you only talk about nice things, but that the messages are formulated in such a way to express your interest in the interlocutor and your respect for him or her. Czytaj dalej

  • Communication within the company

    communicationCommunication within the company is a matter of course, even though its role is usually underestimated. Theoretically, we all communicate: we talk in person, over the phone or via Skype; send text messages and e-mails, write reports; communicate through the body and spatial organization. The very fact of its existence, however, is not enough. Practice proves that only the efficient flow of information and systematic communication allow you to create a company that functions effectively.

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