The workshops are group meetings aimed at deepening parents’ knowledge of many topics related to parenting and the acquisition of new skills needed in the process of raising children and supporting them in their development.

Sample topics of the workshop include:

  • how to discover and develop abilities in children?
  • how to stimulate the development of toddlers through play?
  • how to talk with children about feelings and emotions?
  • how to talk to children about sex?
  • how to support self-reliance in children?

Workshops generally last from 3 to 5 teaching hours. They are conducted using active methods in the form of individual exercises, in pairs or small groups, role play or discussion in public.
workshop includes also a short portions of knowledge passed in the form of mini-lectures. Each participant receives printed materials and colourful certificate confirming participation in the workshop. All workshops are conducted according to the original programs.

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