To organizations (companies, universities, non-profit organizations) we offer tailor-made trainings concerning among others:

  • motivation and development of employees’ potential
  • interpersonal communication
  • coping with stress and preventing professional burnout
  • integration and team building trainings

Trainings in all these areas are also offered in ENGLISH.

Before each training we carry out an analysis focusing on training needs a detailed conversation with people responsible for holding the training and at least one of its participants, on the organization, its activities, the difficulties and challenges and ongoing interpersonal interactions. Trainings are conducted using active methods in the form of individual exercises, in pairs or small groups, role play or discussion in public. Some exercises from individual (e.g. from communication) or group work (e.g. teambuilding) are recorded on a digital camera and then presented to the participants in order to discuss mistakes or to facilitate the analysis of the processes – thanks to that it is possible to gain deeper insight and the learning process is strengthen. From each course, there is a possibility to prepare an evaluation report.

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