• 7th birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY

    The QPSYCHOLOGY brand is already 7 years old! In connection with another anniversary of operating on the market, we have a birthday contest with prizes for you. The competition question is: How many stories from the psychological office have appeared so far on the funpage associated with QPSYCHOLOGY @dragnieszkabozek?
    The first two people who send the correct answers will be able to take part in a free psychological consultation or development coaching session (optional) with Dr. Agnieszka Bożek. The meeting will be held online at a predetermined time.
    Please send your answers to the following address: gabinet@qpsychology.pl by April 12th. The winners will be notified by e-mail on April 14 this year.
    Celebrate with us!

  • Workshop: Forenoon with ART Coaching

    We invite artists (professionals and amateurs) and other creative people to a coaching workshop. During the workshop:

    • we will show what art coaching is and how it can be used as a tool to achieve artistic goals,
    • we will explain what mechanisms affect the course of the creative process and suggest exercises to stimulate once mind to be more effective,
    • we will lead the participants through a process in which they will set a goal related to their creative work and design an effective way to achieve it.

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  • New Year, new proposals

    The turn of the year is a time of revision of the plans, setting new goals and designing ways to achieve them. In QPSYCHOLOGY, above all, we want to expand our offer of Coaching – both developmental and Parent. Details coming soon!
    Meanwhile, we wish our Customers and Friends a Happy New Year and a lot of positive energy every day 🙂

  • Summer with coaching

    Two weeks ago Jim Clifton from Gallup Institute posted an article titled ?Everybody Needs a Coach?. He claimed there that even being coached only once a year to develop strengths can significantly change one?s life. Responding to Jim?s suggestion, through the whole summer we offer coaching sessions (in English and Polish) at special prices. Just contact us (info@qpsychology.pl, +48 502 399 723) and we will do our best to meet your needs.

  • Parent Coaching Course 2016

    If you link your professional career with working with parents, we invite you to the second edition of Parent Coaching Course.

    The new edition includes 90 hours of classess with professional parent coaches and dozens of hours of self-development. The aim of the course ist to gain and expand your knowledge of developmental, educational and family psychology, and to acquire coaching and expert skills necessary in working with parents, as well as to plan your own development path. Czytaj dalej

  • Development in organization part II

    women coachingLast time I described the most common forms of staff development in the organization. This time, I’ll try to hint, how to put this knowledge into practice.

    For a start it is worth analyzing the current situation of a particular employee / group of employees, and then choose the appropriate tool for development.

    • If you accept a new employee to work, who must possess specific knowledge and skills to be able to do his or her job effectively, or

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  • Development in organization part I

    Development in organizationThe turn of the year is in most companies planning time, in particular, of the budget for the following year. It’s also high time to think about the development of the employees. Why? Because only organizations that are characterized by sustained growth are able to remain in their trade and gives profits. What does it mean? In the context of organization development is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and specific behaviors or modify existing one – in other words, the development consists mainly of learningCzytaj dalej