• Parent Coaching: Methods and Tools

    With the beginning of spring we invite you to the new edition of the training Parent Coaching : Practical Methods and Tools of Working with Parents.

    During the training, participants will have the opportunity to:
    – get to know the methods to identify and develop abilities in children
    – expand their knowledge and skills related to communication between parents and children,
    – get to know the methods of recognition of parental competence and designation of the area for their development,
    – practice conducting coaching session using techniques of Solution Czytaj dalej

  • Workshop: Forenoon with ART Coaching

    We invite artists (professionals and amateurs) and other creative people to a coaching workshop. During the workshop:

    • we will show what art coaching is and how it can be used as a tool to achieve artistic goals,
    • we will explain what mechanisms affect the course of the creative process and suggest exercises to stimulate once mind to be more effective,
    • we will lead the participants through a process in which they will set a goal related to their creative work and design an effective way to achieve it.

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