• Parent Coaching: Methods and Tools

    With the beginning of spring we invite you to the new edition of the training Parent Coaching : Practical Methods and Tools of Working with Parents.

    During the training, participants will have the opportunity to:
    – get to know the methods to identify and develop abilities in children
    – expand their knowledge and skills related to communication between parents and children,
    – get to know the methods of recognition of parental competence and designation of the area for their development,
    – practice conducting coaching session using techniques of Solution Czytaj dalej

  • Summer with coaching

    Two weeks ago Jim Clifton from Gallup Institute posted an article titled ?Everybody Needs a Coach?. He claimed there that even being coached only once a year to develop strengths can significantly change one?s life. Responding to Jim?s suggestion, through the whole summer we offer coaching sessions (in English and Polish) at special prices. Just contact us (info@qpsychology.pl, +48 502 399 723) and we will do our best to meet your needs.