• Parent Coaching Course 2018/19

    Recently, we celebrated the fourth birthday of QPSYCHOLOGY, now we are announcing the organization of the fourth edition of the Parent Coaching Course.

    The new edition includes 90 hours of classess with professional parent coaches and dozens of hours of self-development. The aim of the course ist to gain and expand your knowledge of developmental, educational and family psychology, and to acquire coaching and expert skills necessary in working with parents, as well as to plan your own development path.

    Classes will be held in Cracow during weekends between October 2018 and February 2019.

    The course is designed for people who have moderate experience in working with parents. Classes are conducted with practical and activaiting methods. Participation in the course will allow you to gain and expand your competencies both parental and professional.

    Details of the course, including program and organizational issues, can be found at the following link: QPSYCH_KCR_Oferta_2018-19

    Registration for the course are accepted until 21th September 2018. Place is limited, so feel free to send applications now.